Straight Razor?

Once you’ve determined your safety vs. straight razor preference, it’s time to accessorize. Any shave experience is enhanced by a thick, rich lather, so forgo cheap bottled “shaving creams” and lather up with a quality shave soap and a badger brush or a boar bristle brush. It’s possible to buy a cheaper synthetic shave brush, but why would you? Badger brushes offer the best water retention and therefore produce the richest lather.

To complete your shave experience, you’ll need a shave mug or shave bowl. Here is where your brush and soap meet and mix it up, forming the lather that makes or breaks your shave. For great shavesoaps, you can shop online at

When you’re done, splash on some aftershave lotion in your favorite scent. The ladies might treasure their occasional spa days, but, with the right shaving kit, you can enjoy the luxury of feeling elegantly pampered  every single morning!